Greetings from the CEO

The Internet revolution that began in the 1990s resulted in numerous innovations and contributed to the progress of mankind by filling in information gaps around the globe. As the people of the world connected with each other via the Internet, an invention that can be described as the ultimate collective wisdom came to be in 2008. That invention was Bitcoin.

We believe that the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency technologies will finally lead to the dawning of the age of Internet money, and thus the resolution of the unfairness and inconveniences worldwide that are associated with money, resulting in the further progress of mankind. This would benefit us far more than the Internet ever did. It is our strong desire to contribute to social progress through the provision of various services employing these revolutionary technologies.

April 2016
bitbank, inc.

Noriyuki Hirosue Representative Director & CEO


Company Name
bitbank, inc.
7th Fl., KDX Nishi-gotanda Building, 7-20-9 Nishi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
May 2014
Board Members
Noriyuki Hirosue, Representative Director, President, Executive Officer and CEO
Satoshi Takagi, Outside Director
Nobuhiro Kanayama, Outside Director
Motoyuki Komabayashi, Outside Director
Tomohiro Somehara, Corporate Auditor
JPY 1.131 billion (including capital reserve)
Business Description
Cryptocurrency-related business
Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau (Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Operator)
Registration Number: No. 00004


  • Noriyuki Hirosue

    Representative Director, President, Executive Officer and CEO

    After starting his professional career at Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., Mr. Hirosue was involved in the management of startups for many years.He has previously held the following positions, among others: Managing Director, GMO Internet, Inc. Representative Director, GALA INCORPORATED Representative Director, COMUCA He subsequently founded bitbank. Mr. Hirosue's favorite pastimes on days off are going on drives with his daughter and home carpentry.

  • Satoshi Takagi

    Outside Director

  • Nobuhiro Kanayama

    Outside Director

  • Motoyuki Komabayashi

    Outside Director

  • Tomohiro Somehara


  • Hiroyuki Mihara

    Executive officer COO

  • Daisuke Yamazaki

    Executive officer CSO

  • Naoji Noda

    Executive officer CTO

  • Masaaki Kato

    Executive officer CFO

  • Jonathan Underwood

    Representative director of FLOC Blockchain School Co., Ltd.