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bitbank operates which is a smartly designed, highly functional Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange.

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Taking the Trading Experience to Greater Heights

bitbank is a smartly designed Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange that is simple and light, yet highly functional. It allows for comfortable trading, even from a smartphone. Charts and trade data are updated in real time, 24/7, and more than 60 types of technical analyses are available for full-scale market price analyses.

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About bitcoin

Bitcoin is an open-source P2P currency, the algorithm specifications of which are available to the public, including the frequency at which it is issued and the upper limit. Every Bitcoin transaction is published in ledgers that may be viewed by anyone. Because the right to issue Bitcoins is not limited to specific organizations or countries, as is the case with conventional currencies, Bitcoin is spreading rapidly throughout the world as a decentralized currency that anyone can use freely online.

It is hoped that Bitcoin will serve as a foundation of the next-generation financial infrastructure. However, regardless of how advanced and superior a technology is, it cannot be correctly disseminated and popularized unless business operators and users correctly utilize it and educate people on it. As a leading Bitcoin business operator, bitbank will responsibly engage in educational activities relating to cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and promote our business under the slogans "customers first", "security" and "compliance".